When you obtain a brand new hosting account, your monthly payment is processed, the account is set up and as automated as the whole process may seem, there are always some things which are done personally. For a virtual or a dedicated server there're even more tasks to be done considering that these forms of web hosting normally require a manual assembly, software installation and configuration, testing the server platform to make sure that everything is working fine, and so on. To fund the cost for the time and efforts these tasks take, many companies call for a one-time installation cost to be paid by their clients in addition to the price for the web hosting. The charge typically is valid for any new website hosting account being purchased and it is rarely given on the company’s website, but it appears on your checkout page.

Setup Fee in Web Hosting

When you get a web hosting plan through us, the final price that you need to pay throughout the checkout is exactly the same as the cost you've already seen on our home page as well as on any other page on our site. The payment processing and the account creation on our outstanding cloud hosting platform are close to completely automatic, so we consider that charging you any installation costs whatsoever will be very unreasonable. Even when you obtain a couple of accounts at a time, you won't be required to spend any money for their setup or for any other kind of hidden costs for that matter. It's our belief that being honest with each and every customer since the beginning is far more beneficial than obtaining a few more dollars.